don't like us?...well, theres nothing we can do about it!
Last Updated March 23, 2008

Real Name: KyleAlannaMarty mekanak
Nicknames: wanna give us one?
From: MichikanLake1stNation
Occupation: whatever keeps us occupied ;)
Hobbies: doing this & that!
Quote: whatever keeps into yur mind =].

Treyden Ray Jaykwon MunroeAbigailGlorie Rose Beardy
"Alanna's Joy & Pride""Marty'sBig Baby"

Names: AlannaBeardy, MartyBeardy & KyleMekanak.
From: MichikanLakeFirstNation -Rez 207
Age: guess?..lmao
Loves: Treyden Baby! & My AbigailBeardy. ;)
Hates: stahh, hate is so hardcore for you!
BooStatus: what do you think?
Occupation: whatever makes us occupied
Quote: "whats up yur panties grandma?"
Yahoo Id: anlbx33_x0x , MssBx031x & lil_cool_k_05 [holla at a playa! ;)]
. fuck what you think .
. we are who we are .

Artist : Flo Rida Feat. T-Pain
Title : Low!

. Saturday, March 22, 2008 .
well hello! lol, just fixing this around...yup
well don't forgot to sign the box!

our mothers - thnx for everything! love yu guys =].
our fathers - i love yu niggas! lol, thnx for everything yu guys did for us..=]
our brothers - yu annoying people but we still loves yu!
our sisters - we love yu guys too, don't forget it!
TreydenM - momma loves you, no matter what!
AbigailB - i love my baby! i'm always gunna be here for you =].
& 2EVERYONE who knows us out there, thnx for everything!

say what yu wanna say!
yur shit ain't gunna bring us down!

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